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ZenHR - Saudi Arabia

A project for a multinational Human resources technology company, this space was designed to be the bench mark for all their offices across the globe. ZenHr believe strongly in their culture that promotes inclusivity, peaceful work environment and camaraderie and equality. The space was designed with these core values at heart, involving areas to eat and meet together, Zen Areas and focus pods, treadmill pods

  • The logo and core values were used as wall art and lighting and circular/curved components to involve the brand in all its subtleties 

  • Brand colours and philosophy were used to create a calming environment. 

  • Flooring variations complement different zones in their texture and form.

  • The layout promoted a flat team structure to focus on inclusivity and equality 

  • To keep the namesake of the company Zen area was locate under the skylight and all other zones were designed to promote a "Zen" environment

- in collaboration with Makan Design

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