About Me

My love for design began with me, a starry eyed, awe struck child, completely spellbound every-time I walked into a beautiful space. My obsession with hospitality, retail and commercial interiors led me to working in a small, closely knit team for a firm dealing in multiple high end projects. These allowed me to imbibe a sense of ownership and responsibility over my brainchild, since the very beginning of my journey. The combination of conceptualizing the design, executing it through technical representation, client  collaboration, on site management, sourcing and budgeting led me to develop comprehensively diverse skill sets.


However, my deeper understanding of the workings of the field led to the realization that my true passion was creating something that can positively affect the masses. Discovering WeWork helped me get closer to making this a reality with their extremely data-driven, conscious, human-centric approach to design.


Over the course of these 6 years, I developed my core design ideology. 

I now take the ethics of sustainability, empathy in design, and innovation to meet current and future social and environmental needs,  at the core of my approach to any project.

My curiosity now craves to unravel the layers of innovation to help sustain the regional, cultural and environmental diversity across the world through art and design.

"Design to explore. Design to unravel. Design to bring together the unknown."