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Silverbeach Hospitality - Terrace Bar & Lounge

This 7000sqft. Tuscan style abode sits in the quaint, little town of Amravati, Nagpur. This being phase one of an ongoing complete hotel interiors design venture gave us the liberty to structure the terrace area as per our requirements. Staying true to the Tuscany look of the space ,we advised architectural additions like tall arched windows and balcony style,mid level seating area in the indoor section. Vintage street lamps, trimmed shrubs,palm trees etc helped build the intended character for the space. Furniture and elements were curated to be diverse in form and utility ,resulting in various, intriguing, pockets of seating spaces throughout the restaurant. This clubbed with the vintage Tuscan inspired design created an interesting dynamic throughout the space .

-In association with Saniya Kantawala Design

(project nearing completion. official photo shoot pending)

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