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Lucidiya - Saudi Arabia

A project for one of Saudi’s Arabia’s leading technology companies. This 700m2 space was  designed to cater to the company’s vision to expand and integrate different verticals. I spearheaded the design and intricate detail for the project to ensure it cater to the founder’s love for classically industrial design.
This project is now under-construction and will open in early 2022.


  • Concrete finish was the base canvas for the project

  • Inspired by industrial cafes and speakeasies, the design demanded creative adaptability for the workspace. 

  • Speakeasy style quiet zone, recreational area, brain storming rooms and focus pods were some of the key features. 

  • Biophilia and vibrant colour palette was used to break the monotony of earthy materials in the space to make up for the lack of natural light.


- in collaboration with Makan Design

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