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Hunzuru - Himachal Pradesh, India

HUNZURU is a design cozy escape nestled in foothills of the Himalayas. The boutique hostel by the Zostel group marries modern sustainability with deep cultural roots. This conscious luxury project showcases the harmonious coexistence of sleek aesthetics and eco-conscious design.

  • Mud walls form an integral component of traditional Himalayan dwellings, serving both aesthetic and practical purposes by providing natural insulation, vital for enduring the harsh winters.

  • The room's colour scheme is set by meticulously crafted wicker baskets, hand-carved wooden flooring, and a stunning Tibetan carpet, all showcasing the region's rich artisanal traditions.

  • The location's stunning view captured through smart architectural framing combined with elements that bring the mood of the nature outside indoors, through stone wall, natural local wood, terracotta flooring and traditional fabrics

In collaboration with Sherab Tharbus (Tharbus Designs)

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