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WeWork - PxWe - Sterlite Power

India's first Powered by We (PxWe) project, Sterlite came with its challenges.
Acclimatizing the client to our global model was our first, and biggest challenge. The typical WeWork standards had to be molded and skewed like never before to match the client's evolving demands.
The project went through numerous design iterations where changes occurred right at the concept level. This forced us to recreate entire project sets that typically take about three weeks, in as little as three days. The design was a symbiosis between Sterlite's mission and the owner's passion for her international travels.
The project's strenuous nature however, drove us, as a team, to come up with novel ways to work outside the silos of our skill sets. With having to take executive decisions without due process, to creating new standards for PxWe on the go, helped me grow exponentially.

-In association with WeWork India