WeWork Prestige Central

The new Indian WeWork headquarters was a project everyone across the globe had their eyes on. The global creative studio from New York worked with my team closely to bring this dream building to life.
The first "next-gen" project in India, the design process of this building was extremely exploratory. We took into account behavioral analytics to make future predictions of what kind of programming could become the role model for the future pipeline in the Indian market.
The process of such an intricate collaboration with the global team required us to innovate ways for efficient knowledge sharing to help them understand the Indian market, its culture and limitations.
The project was also incredibly material conscious in its effort to be sustainable while also promoting the local economy, so as to set a foundation for upcoming projects to do the same.
The end product was a vision of our rich cultural heritage that catered to WeWork's unified vision. This was accomplished through its relevant interpretations of traditional design mixed with state of the art technology.

-In association with WeWork India