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KCD  Headquarters

Lamps and doors upholstered in fabric exclusively designed by the designer showing off her rich zardozi work.

In the performance driven business world, the lines on a graph essentially shape the market identity of a company. We decided to bend these lines to our will and use them to shape the basic structure of this 4000sq.ft office space. The space was given a semi-raw look, predominantly using cement-concrete finishes for the structural elements. Embedded profile lights on the walls,set in various continuous angles added a highlighting element to these shard shaped walls.The over all furniture design and accessories selection was also inspired by the various graph angles used in the space.The material selection was aimed to compliment the robust industrial feel of the space without compromising on the sophistication,harmonising perfectly with the client profile.

-In association with Saniya Kantawala Design

(official photo shoot pending)

Allowing the clotes to speak for themselves ,the window display was adorned with a simple suspended balerrina bust designed using the designer's fabrics.
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