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Haka- Oriental Restaurant 

Lamps and doors upholstered in fabric exclusively designed by the designer showing off her rich zardozi work.

 The design approach for the space was aimed at bringing in the orient without the stereo-typical antics of a traditional Chinese styled restaurant. The balance was gained by a combination of bold contemporary elements and Orient inspired highlights. Situated in one of the Heritage British colonial areas of Mumbai, the space flaunted its high ceilings and chamfered columns. Influenced by the colonial architecture we interpreted the vaulted ceilings in a pointillism inspired manner by using wooden sections to stimulate the form.The colour palette for the space was inspired by the ancient Chinese "Qinghua" style of pottery where Persian blue was used to accentuate the muted earthy tones. 

-In association with Saniya Kantawala Design

Allowing the clotes to speak for themselves ,the window display was adorned with a simple suspended balerrina bust designed using the designer's fabrics.
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