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Exclusive Artifacts Store-College Graduation Project

Lamps and doors upholstered in fabric exclusively designed by the designer showing off her rich zardozi work.

My college graduation project pushed me to blur the boundaries between art and spacial experiences. Kintsukuroi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken earthenware using precious metals such a s gold,silver or platinum. Inspired by this eccentric art form, these precious metal filled crevices became the foundation for design of the space. The client brief demanded provisions for various sizes of artefacts and sculptures. A large fissure through the wall lined with rose gold sheeting at the beginning of the store breaks into crevice like forms through 3D panels moving towards the interiors of the store with light substituting for gold. The glass suspension bridge was designed to cater as a walkway to the mezzanine floor as well s a viewing gallery for the chandeliers on display. Extending till the middle of the mezzanine floor, it also helped accentuate the height of the space.  The display counters and platforms followed the concept into mimicking kintsukuroi mended pottery ,with light once again substituting for gold through the crevices. These lighting accents clubbed with target lighting made for a dimly lit environment with the emphasize entirely on the art masterpieces .

-Sakshi  Mathur(College Graduation Project)

Allowing the clotes to speak for themselves ,the window display was adorned with a simple suspended balerrina bust designed using the designer's fabrics.
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