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The Outhouse - Kerala

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​While keeping the above in mind, my approach to this project centered around the following core factors - 

  • - Being mindful of the region we're in, it's resources, culture and the labour force.

  • - Celebrating the rich art and cultural history of the region and its unique craftsmanship

  • - Making sure the creation of this space doesn't partake in damage to nature during, and long after its construction.

  • - Conscious sourcing that ensures the materials that are being used aren't depleting already endangered resources. 
    (e.g. - using only locally grown wood and flagging off the endangered vs least risk species of wood, given the region and its current weather) 


  • - Making sure no element ends up in the landfill years down the line. Every element can either be reused, recycled or biodegrade. 

A space for a young lawyer to have his quiet moments of solace, as well as celebrate his loud ones. This specimen of typical Kerala style architecture transformed its insides into a canvas of pure self expression for the client; driven by his own personality and passions

Designed entirely remotely with photos form the client as the only reference base for the site, this project has been extremely collaborative and demanding of constant ingenuity.
This was my first individual project and my first attempt at creating a sustainable space.
The goal was to ensure luxury doesn't come at the cost of the environment and local society.

Foyer Seating
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