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Almajdouie 2065 - Saudi Arabia

This 900sqm space was unique in its function. Half of the space was dedicated for the offices of the president and chairman of the Almajdouie group. The other half was to be an experience centre that was a showcase for the company's past, present and future, marking their 100 year journey from 1965 to 2065.

  • The design was directed to be a junction between the past and the future through form, materials, architecture and technology

  • The offices were a take on undert-stated luxury, giving a slight nod to the local architecture through arches and lime plastered walls. 

  • The experience centre was mapped out as a spiralling journey inwards taking you through the past , present and future milestones of the company using Projection Mapping on plain white walls.

  • The centre was inspired by an arabic art display of light and colour. The spiral would end up in a dark space where the light would tell the story of a 100 years of the company through a metal lattice screen

- in collaboration with Makan Design

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